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We have Insurance plans for any of your insurable interests and customized to your specific needs . From salt to software ; from iron to ship , we insure everything .

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Building Insurance  


A Commercial Building is one of the most valuable asset for any enterprise , so it is a basic requirement to get it insured in order to safeguard it against fire, earthquake , storm , tempest , flood , inundation , other natural calamities and disasters , even terrorism related damage & other perils that may befall in future after thorough risk assessment.

Contractor’s All Risk


The Contractor’s All Risks Insurance provides comprehensive insurance solution covering a wide range of risks to which a civil construction project is exposed to, starting from arrival of construction material at site till completion of project. This policy is extremely useful for contractors, consulting engineers, architects and financiers because it contribute to reducing the overall construction expenses offering them protection against unforeseen accidents leading to financial losses under a single policy.

Corporate Insurance


Every Business Corporation has its own set of Risks and thus requires a tailor-made safety net to protect its assets , business operations and Employees.

 Corporate Insurance is a package policy to provide iron-clad coverage for all perils that may occur in future. It safeguards one’s business from devastating damages and losses that can cause financial strain, even bringing the business to a standstill.It is a customized policy that after thorough risk assessment, is used to cover some or all of the following:

  1. Assets: Factories, Buildings, Offices, Stock, Machinery, Property, Boilers, Cargo etc.
  2. Business Activities: Construction, Erection, Engineering, Marine Cargo, Logistics, Travel etc.
  3. Employees: Group Mediclaim, Group Personal Accident, Workmen Compensation, Professional Indemnity, Director’s and Officer’s Liability, Corporate Overseas travel, General liability.

Engineering Insurance


Engineering insurance provides financial security towards the risks faced by the ongoing construction project, installation project, and machines and equipment operating in them.

These projects are laden with risks that can cause huge devastating losses even bringing them to a halt .

Depending on the project, it can be divided into :

1. Contractor’s All Risk Insurance
2. Erection All Risk Insurance

Contractor’s All Risk Insurance
 deals with projects having primarily civil work , like construction of a road or building ; while Erection all risk deals with projects having primarily technical engineering work like construction of a dam or installation of centralized AC in an entire building etc.

Factory Insurance


factory is the most important asset of any company dealing in manufacture or assembly of any type of goods. Getting it insured is a must. Even with all safety precautions and checks in place, a factory is a place where accidents, mishaps and machinery breakdowns are most probable. Moreover, a factory contains many costly and critical elements, which if damaged or lost can slow production, even bringing production to standstill, apart from adding the financial strain of repairing or replacing affected components. The stock too whether raw, semi-furnished or finished goods also require safety.

Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy


This  is a comprehensive policy which covers all tangible assets normally exposed to the risk of fire and other Act of God Perils . This provides wide scope of cover at a reasonable cost . 

Many perils are covered as an integral part of the basic policy along with a host of add-on covers to opt from depending on the individual requirements. So one can customize the policy according to individual risks his/her assets are exposed to and pay the premium accordingly .

Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy


Every organization needs a hard working and efficient set of employees. To attract and retain best talent available in the market, an Employer requires to take care of the medical and financial well being of their EmployeesGroup Mediclaim Insurance Policy fulfills this requirement, making it a win-win situation for both Employer and Employees.

Home Insurance Policy


At Jai Insurance Brokers PVT LTD, we understand that though, you have spent crores of rupees into building your home and lakhs on furnishing it, your home is priceless.

It is a part of your identity. You take good care of your home – daily cleaning, regular maintenance, and fresh paint each year to keep it looking beautiful. , but what about safeguarding your house against fire, burglary, earthquake & other natural calamities and disasters?

Home Insurance policy protects your most valuable asset from most common perils. It can be customized by adding more perils after doing proper risk assessment, so that your beloved home stands the test of time & emerges a winner.

Legal Liability Insurance


When you get sued and are held legally liable for something such as malpractice, injury or negligence ; you have two choices : 1. To fight in court or 2. To settle out of court . And both choices cost you financially a large sum .

Liability insurance covers these two key financial risks. One is the legal cost of defending a claim. The second is the compensation that you may be directed to pay the injured or wronged party, plus their legal costs, if a claim against you is upheld or the sum that you pay in an out of court settlement. Getting insured is prudent as cost of insurance ( premium ) , is but a fraction of what you may have to pay , if you get sued .

Machinery Breakdown


Machines are the backbone of all manufacturing and industrial units engaged in production . Any unexpected accident/breakdown of critical machinery may bring these units to a standstill adversely affecting business and causing further financial strain towards repair or replacement of the affected machinery. Be prepared to ward off such eventualities with Machinery Breakdown Insurance from Industry leaders Jai Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd .

Marine Insurance policy


Do You Frequently sell or buy Goods but live in constant fear of damage and losses to your Shipments till they reach their final destination ?

You cannot control weather conditions , sea-waves or accidents , but you can cover your risk by Marine Insurance Policy .Marine Insurance Policy covers financial losses to goods while they are in transit by ship , air , rail , road or registered Post Parcel / Courier from various perils such as Fire , Explosion, Collision , Theft , Breakage , sea water damage, Rain water damage , Tearing, Bursting or leakage etc. Marine insurance Policy safeguards the goods against these fortuitous losses & common wisdom calls for getting insured , as the cost of insurance ( premium ) is but a small fraction of market value of these goods .

Personal Accident policy


Year by year more and more people are dying in accidents in India .

Following excerpt from an article published in newspaper Times Of India on 21 April 2016 tells us how Road accidents have become an epidemic in India :Indian roads, which account for the highest fatalities in the world, became even more dangerous in 2015 with the number of deaths rising nearly 5% to 1.46 lakh. This translates to 400 deaths a day or one life snuffed out every 3.6 minutes, which an expert described as a “daily massacre on our roads“.

Pause for a moment to think, what will happen to your family if god forbid , you die or become permanently disabled or paralyzed due to an accident? There would be no earnings , but bank EMIs, medical costs and other expenses will keep rising. To deal with such a situation, it is important to buy a personal accident insurance policy , which protects the insured from financial repercussions such as loss of income and medical expenses that unforeseen accidents lead to.

Project Insurance


With every Project comes an opportunity but also associated risks. These risks if not mitigated can prove to be death-knell of the project by causing devastating financial losses , slowing down the pace of the project , even causing its unwanted termination .

Each project is unique and all of them bear different risks. As a result, every project needs an Individual Customized Insurance Product. Knowing all perils that may affect your Project in future and getting covered for them is necessary.

Due to the complicated nature of the coverage it’s even more important to get insured from someone having in-depth insight that comes with experience. At Jai Insurance Brokers, we have decades of that experience. Moreover As Brokers we work with all General Insurance Companies both Private and Public and can help you keep your Project bid minimum through the competitive pricing we can obtain.

Travel Insurance


Falling ill in a country which is not your own gives you double trouble. As it is said sickness or accident never warns before they occur. One should always be ready to face these especially when your own people are not around to take care of you. Besides you cannot carry unlimited foreign currency while traveling abroad.

The Best solution is to have a travel policy. It also adds lots of fringe benefits like cover for loss of passport, loss of checked baggage, loss of delayed baggage, providing emergency cash etc. Therefore it is wise to have a travel policy before traveling to avoid any unpleasant experience.

Workmen Compensation


As Per Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923, the employer is liable to pay compensation to workers for bodily injury or death caused due to accidents / occupational diseases arising out of and in course of employment. The workmen’s compensation insurance is the primary method by which an employer can demonstrate the ability to meet these legal obligations.

Motor Insurance


Motor Insurance in India deals with the insurance covers for the loss or damage caused to the automobile or its parts due to natural and man-made calamities. It provides accident cover for individual owners of the vehicle while driving and also for passengers and third party legal liability. Motor Insurance in India is a compulsory requirement for all vehicles used whether for commercial or personal use. With the de- tarifing regime every insurance company fixes its own insurance premium as per market conditions. This may sometime vary hugely from other insurance companies. Being a Broker we know the whole insurance industry and suggest you the best motor policy available for any of your following type of vehicle from all insurance companies whosoever working in any part of India.

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