Life Insurance


Insurance is to protect one from the risks that are the other side of the coin that opportunities represent . I am not being pessimistic , just being realistic . For e.g, life is the greatest opportunity bestowed upon us , but death is the necessary evil that accompanies it.
Nobody can be immortal , but the risk here is untimely death . Though we ourselves don’t need money after death ; but it is our duty to leave at least so much that helps our loved ones to sail through this time of great tragedy , essentially if we are the only bread winner of our family and have dependent parents , spouse & children .
God forbid but if we die , we may have left this world , but our duties would remain here unfettered . Our parents would still need medical attention & our children the best of education . Though money cannot fill the void our absence leaves in their lives but it sure provides the threadbare support to the drowning .
It is our duty to plan & prepare for such a scenario however improbable it may seem now.
But planning anything without adequate knowledge is to doom from the start. “A task well started is half done” . Also you must leave the other half of this crucial task , executing the claim in secure & trustworthy hands .
We at Jai Insurance Brokers PVT LTD pride ourselves at excelling at these virtues . Our top brass being associates from Insurance Institute of India , Mumbai & Fellow Chartered Accountants having two decades of experience in insurance industry up from grass root level to highest echelons we know how insurance industry works .
For life insurance & all other insurance needs at best premium & cover ; from all insurance companies both public & private :
‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍
Call 9810557720,9911557723
Call 011-43298800 to 99 (100 lines)
Visit 603,Prabhat Kiran Building, 17-Rajendra Place , New Delh-08.

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