Why I Need Insurance?

Let Us Consider A Hypothetical Scenario :

old man

Manjan’s Father met with an unfortunate accident . While climbing up the stairs , he slipped and ended up with a broken leg .

Due to old age , broken bones are very difficult to heal . The doctors advise Manjan with Surgery & Hospitalization to relieve his father immediately .

Now , Manjan does not have enough money saved up for such an emergency .

Normally , Manjan would have taken a personal loan from Bank or his relatives & friends . Now , he has already borrowed enough to start his business .

Manjan is left helpless and has to wait for his financial condition to become better to get his father admitted for surgery as costs are substantial .

Manjan is cursing his stars .

The scenario mentioned here is quite tragic in the sense that an individual has to live with a walking defect for the want of finances .

However , the blame partially rests with the individual .

In India , majority of the people take their health & the health of their family members for granted . Many even possess a complete lack of awareness about services offered by Health Insurance Sector In India .

If we look at it practically , we can easily conclude that availing a health insurance policy when one is young & healthy makes a great economic & common sense .

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